Dog's - God's Eyes


When I look deep into my Dog’s eyes, there is a true sense of Love, Understanding and Compassion.

Unlike any other being, including humans, it seems like you are peering into their soul and beyond. Most have complete faith that you are good and will take care of them. We should all be so accepting.

Being that God is Dog spelled backwards, what if Dogs’ eyes are really part of God’s window into our world. Maybe it’s a way that God can perceive us; by how we treat this special gift he gave us.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if there were a special place in Hell for those that abuse Dogs, a great place in Heaven for those that love & nurture them and a grand place for those that rescue them. 


Never make long term decisions based on short term impulses


Every decision you make will have consequences; either good or bad. Make sure you will like or can live with those consequences before you do it.


 Responsibility is taken, not given!

Every Life is a Book


Many years ago, in LA, I saw a billboard that read, “Every Life is a Book”. Now at 75, I totally understand that. My personal book has a whole lot of chapters, probably far more than most. I have lived a very full life, or better said, many lives, but not in the Shirley McClain sense.

So many chapters. They contain: Adventure, Success, Failure, Drama, Love, Heartache and even at least one chapter that would be X Rated, but what you would never find any named Pity, Poor Me or Boredom.

So, don't judge others until you understand their what's in their book.

Thoughts on Women


Girls need Love & Attention

Women need Satisfaction & Security

Older Women need Companionship