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A Very Diverse Background


Additional Information

Sonny Kenyon (a pseudonym) has a very unique background for a writer. He's lived several lives (not in the Shirley  MacLaine sense) but that he has reinvented himself several times. From serving in the Army during the Sixties and being part of the first Chopper wave, experiencing the Seventy's to the max, to owning, running, then selling eight different businesses and racing almost everything on wheels, his life has never been boring.

He's traveled around the world (literally), been to 29 countries as well as every state except Alaska. Studying how different cultures think and behave is more of an education than a hobby. In the mid-seventies he sailed from Newport CA to Hawaii and has sailed in many exotic places.

All of this knowledge gives him an enormous amount of personal experiences to draw from, some of which he tries to integrate here and there into his stories. If you happen to recognize yourself in one of my stories, enjoy. It's up to the reader to decide what is based on his life and what is fiction!